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Student Speaker Foundation


Welcome! The Student Speaker Foundation is a California nonprofit corporation administered by a board of directors and 15 trustees. The purpose of the Foundation is to provide scholarships to augment the prizes awarded to the winners of the California Multiple District Four Student Speakers Program. 

This year the Foundation will provide scholarships totaling $103,500.00. From this amount, each of the fifteen District winners will receive a $4,500.00 scholarship, each of the four Area winners will receive an additional $6,500.00 scholarship and the winner of the Multiple District Four Contest will receive an additional $10,000.00 scholarship. 

The assets of the Foundation are invested primarily in federally insured, term accounts to provide the highest rate of return obtainable with maximum guaranteed security for the assets of the Foundation. With this investment policy and with additional income provided through contributions to the Foundation, the Lions Fourth District Student Speakers Foundation, Inc. will be able to continue its annual support of the scholarship awards program.

MD4 California Lions Student Speaker Contest

2017-2018 TOPIC

"Integrity and Civility Play What Role in Today's Society?"

Contest Dates

by Monday, February 26, 2018Club Contest
by Monday, March 19, 2018Zone Contest
by Monday,
April 9, 2018
Region Contest
by Monday,
April 30, 2018
District Contest
by Monday,
May 21, 2018
Area Contest
on Saturday,
June 9, 2018
MD4 Final Contest